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The Saucony brand dates back to 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA with the brand logo derived from the Saucony Creek, which flows near the town.

An Innovative Running Brand
Saucony is one of the World’s original running shoe makers and became popular with runners in the 1980s and 1990s running boom with innovative shoes like the Jazz, DXN Shadow, and Saucony Grid. The Jazz  lightweight design with its MaxiTrac lug outsole was innovative technology which further evolved in 1983 when Saucony collaborated with New York City Marathon winner Rod Dixon to create the DXN, a super–high performance option based on the Jazz, but with a lighter mesh upper and a bit more cushioning.

The Shadow came towards the end of the 80s and introduced EVA foam into the mid sole and TPU heel cups, technologies that wouldn’t be used until years later by other brands. Saucony continued to innovate with the Grid, featuring a curved last and a new GRID midsole giving even more support and cushioning.

You can still purchase modern versions of those classic shoes through Saucony’s Originals line, however we do not stock them for the moment. Or they are to order only for the moment.

More recent innovations include Saucony’s Everun and PWRRUN+ midsoles and the ISOFit uppers. Everun was introduced in 2015, and improves on the standard EVA cushioning by adding a thin layer of TPU foam above that Saucony says gives more flexibility and greater energy return, and is three times more durable than EVA.

Alongside Everun midsole, the ISOFit upper also made its debut in 2015. This design has “wings” on both sides of the shoe that connect to the lacing system to create a custom-like fit yet allows the upper to move as your foot changes shape during your stride.

PWRRUN+ is Saucony’s newest cushioning material launched in 2019. It’s made from a TPU-based bead foam similar to other brands such as the Adidas Boost. It is 28 percent lighter than Everun, and conceived to be more bouncier, durable, flexible, and consistent across temperatures than EVA. The PWRRUN, found in the Saucony Guide 13, is the second-tier version of the foam – a slightly lesser version of the +.

In 2020, Saucony introduced the revolutionary Endorphin series to rave reviews, with a plate for always forward motion to help the runner go faster with less effort.