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Hilly socks was founded in 1992 by British running legend Dr Ron Hill MBE and is the sister brand of Ronhill, founded in 1970, also by Dr Ron.

Dr Ron noticed that distance runners weren’t wearing performance socks but were suffering the effects of hard racing and training and through foot friction were suffering from blisters and other related issues. As one of the world’s best runners;

'Ron had an obsession with detail and the same nous has been applied to the products he designed, including Hilly socks.'

After spotting the opportunity within the market he applied the science of his PhD in Textile Chemistry to a range of technical running socks using soft anti-wicking yarns. As the brand grew, so did the technology with the development of the Twin-Skin sock, a double layer sock that prevents friction from occurring on your feet and in turn, blisters from appearing.

The running sock can often be an overlooked piece of kit but all of Hilly socks have wicking properties; this transfers the moisture to the outer layer leaving the foot dry and therefore reducing the risk of friction and blisters. In addition all of the socks have other features, including: a seamless toe construction and an arch grip support.

Hilly socks are multi-purpose and offer great features for other sports including: cycling, racquet sports, hiking etc. Other key styles in the range are the Marathon Fresh, a lightweight performance style perfect for Half and Full Marathons and the Supreme, a soft and comfortable style, with anti-microbial qualities, anatomical design and under foot seamless toe construction, combined with lots of cushioning.