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Even more sensitive

The perfect combination of form and flexibility enabling ultimate precision. The Mundaka features a close, glove-like fit, providing maximum responsiveness in all types of climbing situations. Aggressive yet balanced, the Mundaka is the widest-fitting climbing shoe in Tenaya’s toe-down range and is superbly capable on overhanging routes and boulder problems, while losing no efficiency on lower-angle smearing.

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inov-8 Shoe Size Guide

Shoe Fit Scale

Fits Narrow12345Fits Wide

inov-8 have graded the fit of all their shoes from 1 to 5 to make it easy for you to find the perfect fitting shoe. All inov-8 shoes are designed with Met-Cradle technology to lock down the mid-foot for a stable hold. Where they differ is in the toe box. Grade 1 represents the closest, most precise fit. Grade 5 has the widest fitting toe box.

inov-8 has meticulously studied the foot and its function during the gait cycle and also the interaction between the foot and the terrain. They have used this knowledge to develop their fitting scale. For technical footwear a good fit is essential to enhance your performance.

The lower the number on the scale, the narrower the fit, which ensures minimal internal movement of the foot when running fast on technical terrain. Shoes with the higher numbers on the scale will suit athletes with a wider foot and those wanting that extra comfort in the toe box. This wider toe box allows the toes to splay for increased stability when lifting heavy weights. It’s also perfect for longer runs and races when toes begin to swell.

As a rough guide, Grade 1 represents an industry B fit, while Grade 5 equates to a 2E fit in the forefoot.

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Recommended use

Overhanging walls or delicate moves requiring great sensitivity. Equally suited to bouldering.
Tenaya Mundaka features

More Advantages

  • The perfect combination of sensitivity and precision, the Mundaka was designed for optimal performance enabling you to climb more efficiently.
  • Two-part sole increases capacity to adapt to the form of the rock.
  • Precision fit and design holds the arch and heel of the foot snugly and securely.
  • Patented Draxtor closure system with wrap-around flap giving even more control, even on difficult heel-hooks.
  • Ultimate precision without sacrificing comfort.

Technical Specifications

Uppers: Microfibre
Closure System: Velcro, patented Draxtor system
Tongue: Five-layer, highly breathable
Lining: TXT treated cotton
Insole: 2D multi-layer Stretchtex
Midsole: Double midsole GI 1.8 y TST 150
Sole: Vibram XS Grip 3.5 mm.
Weight: 340 gr.
Sizes: 1-13 (UK) with half sizes
tenaya rock shoe chasson escalade Fast andLight CH mundaka vista trasera

Closer contact with the rock

When we started on project Mundaka we had one priority: to create a shoe which feels as supple as possible yet maintains its form enough to yield excellent precision on small holds. Featuring a very soft midsole but more rigid toe-box and heel cup, the Mundaka can adapt perfectly to multiple rock forms. The SXR Dynamics rand combined with RBRX technology gives greater freedom of movement and greater interaction with the rock.

RBX imageMaximum range of response and balance
SXR Dynamics magenIn-motion fit

More precision on small edges

The Mundaka’s design, system of construction and related technologies provide more precision than ever before, giving the climber total control and enabling maximum transition of force from the toes to the rock.

tenaya rock shoe chasson escalade Fast andLight CH mundaka
tenaya rock shoe chasson escalade Fast andLight CH mundaka vista escorzo

Perfectly angled

The curved shape and angle of attack have been finely tuned to allow the heels to be kept low, resulting in less fatigue and greater contact with the rock. The shoe will perform outstandingly on everything from overhanging walls and boulders to jamming cracks.

Sticky rubber reinforcements

Super sticky rubber covers the upper part of the toe-box and instep, providing both increased protection against abrasion and added friction in various climbing situations. The different materials used in the construction of the five-layer bellows tongue achieve optimal levels of breathability and elasticity and facilitate precise adjustment and perfect fit.

tenaya rock shoe chasson escalade Fast andLight CH mundaka vista superior
tenaya rock shoe chasson escalade Fast andLight CH mundaka vista suela

More comfort = better climbing performance

We at Tenaya understand that, no matter how many cutting edge features a shoe possesses, if it isn’t comfortable to wear then you simply won’t realize your maximum potential on the rock. To this end, as with all our models, every aspect of the Mundaka’s design and construction is aimed at providing class-leading performance combined with class-leading comfort. From its soft yet structured fit to the application of our latest technologies, every aspect of the shoe is calculated down to the last millimetre in order to deliver maximum levels of comfort in a high performance shoe.

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