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      THORLOS® – MISSION and ASPIRATION: CARE TAKER OF THE WORLD’S FEET The technology of engineered padded socks was invented by Jim Throneburg in 1953, while he founded Thorlo Inc. in 1980, he dreamed of two new target possibilities:

      Sustainability of the company beyond his own lifetime.
      Being the best in the world at foot protection.
      As a result, the personnel at THORLO shifted their primary focus from the sock business to the relationship business. Their official vision and mission became all about Sustainable Relationships, and the Thorlos brand experience was born. Thorlo’s creates a nurturing environment
      Their passion and purpose is to be Caretakers of the World’s Feet. They know that millions of people’s feet are hurting but that no two feet are the same; therefore, Thorlo’s wants to take the time necessary to understand everyone’s individual situation so that Thorlo’s can be a true partner with each of its customer in finding the right foot protection solution.

      One has to know that Thorlos socks is The Last American Sock Brand!
      Today it is increasingly difficult to find products that are made exclusively in the United States (USA). In a National Journal already in 2012 the most frequently identified barrier to stronger economic growth (79% of respondents) was American companies sending jobs overseas. At THORLO the personnel believes that with each of these migrated jobs, it may well have lost a small piece of its collective national soul, the Thorlo’s pride, is their way of life. That’s why they have made the commitment that Thorlos padded socks will always be made here in the USA—in North Carolina. AS Thorlo’s is Extended Family Business
      THORLO is a third-generation family company, and considers its employees part of that family. Everyone is committed to craftsmanship, and with that craftsmanship comes quality, value and the benefit of better feeling feet. Thorlo’s takes pride in making the best products and they care about the people who wear them, as well as the people who make them. They believe this kind of culture and commitment cannot be reproduced in another country. The words “made with pride in the USA” are forever etched in their minds and in their hearts.