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Majesty Skis is an independent freeski brand driven by skiers who push innovation and artist inspired product design.

Majesty Skis were born in the High Tatra Mountains in southern Poland where backcountry, freeride and freeskiing is as good as it can get. Majesty’s passion for modern, sustainable ski building and great customer value, combined with their freeride DNA makes their skis exciting and brings the The Art of Freeskiing to you!

In constant pursuit of ski technology innovation and design excellence, Majesty handcrafts skis and design accessories for serious ski adventurers and winter enthusiasts. They stand for outstanding craftsmanship, high quality engineering, innovative construction and original, sometimes radical top sheet artwork.

As a freeski brand, Majesty puts a great deal of emphasis on remaining independent, well-built and distinctly different. They represent a fusion of art, design, engineering and sports performance. They achieve this with their complete creative freedom and attention to detail that they incorporate into all of their products.

Majesty are proud that their skis are ridden and enjoyed by top freeskiers and enthusiasts around the globe.