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Movement skis has become a global winter sports brand in a very short time since being founded in 1999 with their unique style and approach to freeskiing with their apple logo. The Swiss brand has a solid reputation for making reliable and durable gear and has grown into making a wider range of skis to include alpine, telemark, touring and freeride skis.

All MOVEMENT products come from the same pair of hands before they reach yours. Since decennia, each ski is developed in their in-house facility in Switzerland, which means that the concept of Swiss quality has always been the base of every single design.

The Movment ski company has its roots in makingwinter sports products since 1980. They started with producing snowboards and added ski development in 1999. Their expertise is worth over two decades of research and building the best skis. But who would have guessed, that – exactly twenty years after making their first skis – they would still develop the high-quality product by hand in the same place where the brand was born? Technology is progressive, and so are the Movement teams that work 24/7 to make every part of the production process possible in their in-house factory.

“Time is not standing still, neither is Movement.”​