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Sports bra merino wool panalp Anita active grey

Whether your favorite Sport is jogging, yoga or cross fit, Anita Active has the right Sports Bra for you.
Every Sports bra was created with a variety of specific functions, with different activity levels in mind.
This will allow you to find the perfect Sports Bra for your activity. Available in Cup Sizes AA- H!
Made out of high-quality materials The Anita sports bras offer great support that even 5x Boxing Word Champion Christina swears by.
This high impact sports bra has a three-section cup with side support. It creats a very attractive bust shape and provide maximum support.
Your breasts are exposed to extreme strains during sports such as jogging: your bust moves up and down about 3,5 inches (9cm) per step. These undesired movements are reduced by wearing a well fitting sports bra. A perfect fitting Sport Bra will reduce this movement by 78% and will help the breast tissue stay tight. We have the ideal sport bras in modern designs for any activity, perfectly tailored to the needs of the female body.
The NEW Delta Pad Air control 5544 Sports Bra unites great design and functionality for a 6 times better Performance.
The padded cups and straps make this the perfect sports bra for bigger busted women.