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Tenaya is a Spanish brand specializing in biomechanics, creating Spanish-made, highly responsive performance rock shoes that are unparalleled in terms of comfort.

Tenaya was founded in 1997 by José Luis García Gallego and named after the Tenaya Canyon in Yosemite National Park in California. The company is dedicated to producing mountain and climbing shoes, as well as other outdoor equipment. They are based in southeast Spain, in a region with a long tradition in shoe making.

Tenaya® keep all the manufacturing processes and production in Spain not compromising on quality, nor on the social and environmental aspects of their production.

The Tenaya team includes some of the best climbers in the world such as Josune Bereziartu, Ramon Julian, Chris Sharma and Alexander Megos.

The brand, known for its motto “performance doesn’t have to be uncomfortable”, has established itself as a leader in quality crafted style with attention to detail, specifically uncompromising performance with comfort.

Climbing shoe technology has come a long way since the first shoes that looked a bit like Converse high-top sneakers. Tenaya’s range of shoes are engineered with precision, strength and balance for everything from sport climbing on tiny ledges, bouldering on low-friction rock, to endurance climbing on multi-pitch routes.

Tenaya’s SXRDynamics and RB RangeX dynamic response technologies work with the biomechanics of the foot. Their signature Draxtor lacing system is fully adjustable and one of the fastest, most efficient, and most precise closure systems on the market.

In terms of fit, Tenaya shoes feature a microfiber and leather upper for the best balance of comfort and long-term performance.

For the climber who seeks all-round great performance without the pain, Tenaya shoes offer power, precision and stability without the aching discomfort often associated with other high-end climbing shoes.