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Rocker 45

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A good climbing backpack is essential from the approach rock climbs or for carrying your gear on Alpine summits. A climbing pack is a balance between high durability, comfort minimal weight.

Climbing backpacks are made from a lightweight material with high abrasion and tear resistance as contact with jagged rocks is unavoidable. They have minimalist designs, reinforcements on exposed areas such as the base and sufficient attachment options and straps for climbing accessories such as rope,  quickdraws and loops for ice axes. Some backpacks have bivi extensions so that the pack can be used for sleeping in if needed.

These packs for climbing have a narrow cut to ensure range of motion whilst climbing with the smaller models sitting tight to the back , and larger sacks have a flexible, ventilated, slightly padded back system which adapts to the curvature of the spine whilst climbing. Often the backpack is worn over a climbing harness and so feature smaller and removable hip belts and sits higher on the back than a hiking or trekking pack.