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Xero Shoes started with the huarache sandals that were inspired by the origins of minimalist movement! Light, efficient running sandals, these are the roots of the minimalist culture. The spirit of the Huarache and the Born To Run movement on your feet!

Founded by husband and wife team, Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix in November 2009. The idea originated from inspiration on reading Chris McDougall’s book “Born to Run,” when sprinter Steven tried barefoot running. He then started running long distances barefoot without injuries. However he realized that some surface were not suitable for bare feet so he decided to make some huarache running sandals using Vibram soles and attractive cords.

The sandals quickly caught on with others too realizing the benefits of wearing a minimalist running shoe: better awareness of body movement, more flexibility in the foot, stronger muscle fibers and fewer injuries. After sitting on the sidewalk of the University of Colorado making pairs of their running sandals for fellow members of Boulder Barefoot Running Club, Steven’s friend encouraged him to start a business.

Steven built a website and within three months selling barefoot runners was a full-time job. The company has since sold tens of thousands of huarache sandals worldwide and expanded its product line to include minimalist fitness shoes, running shoes and casual shoes.

Xero Shoes first models Do-It-Yourself sandal kits (the Classic kit with Vibram rubber soles). They then improved upon the Vibram rubber when they developed their own FeelTrue® rubber that is so durable it allows Xero to offer a 5,000 mile warranty.