We endeavor to always offer very competitive prices on all our products, and when possible, much below the recommended retail pricing to ensure you have a great product at a great price.

Inevitably, we may have to reduce prices further as products become outdated and/or demand changes.

This may be particularly true of bulk clearance deals with exceptional discounts which we need to clear quickly, particularly once the mainstay of the stock has been sold or conversely if we do not experience the predicted demand at an initial price we will drop the price without prior notice.

Whilst we appreciate that it can be very frustrating if you find yourself on the wrong side of a recent price change, we ask our customers to understand that it is not possible to give prior notice of price changes. Like any business, price changes are a fundamental effect of supply and demand which, if ignored, would quickly put us out of business.

Please be aware before you make your purchase that we reserve the right to refuse retrospective discounts in this regard. This does not affect your statutory consumer rights.