FAST AND LIGHT offers natural running gait analysis for our customers

As runners, we all need a properly fitting running shoe and to identify the best shoe it can be helpful to analyse your running style with gait analysis.

If you are looking to buy new shoes with us our free gait analysis identifies not only your foot strike but also the way your whole body moves as you run to select the best kind of shoe, support and cushioning for you from our selection of running shoes.

The appropriate shoe support is vital to help you avoid strains or injury and there are many aspects to get the correct balance of support, fit, cushioning, and guidance to suit your individual stride and to minimise shock. Our body changes naturally over the years as we age or as we change our lifestyles, weight and fitness so it can be helpful to review your gait when you change your shoes.

Our gait analysis will identify your foot strike of which basically there are three types:


Here we will ask you to run in a neutral shoe outside in the street in front of the the store whilst we watch closely your feet from behind and front.

We can also video you if you wish, and have a apps on our iPads that will allow us to show in slow motion and and with indicators how your foot strikes.

Running on the hard street we can quickly see how your foot lands and identify your foot strike.

Also, we will look at the shoes you have currently  to examine the wear on the out sole and to see if the cushioning has compressed or collapsed on the inside.

Also, as part of the gait analysis process we will ask you about other sports and other forms of exercise you do to to get a big a picture of your body mechanics as possible.

Unless you are used to running on a treadmill, and do so regularly it is highly probable that you will run differently on a treadmill from how you actually run on the road.

On a road or trail our legs we have a propulsive force to accelerate the body to drive forward, but on a treadmill our body stays in the same position as there is no propulsion or forward movement as the soft running surface disappears behind. So our leg muscles do not propel and we have re-position our stance to keep our body stable.

People who aren’t used to treadmill running take some time to adjust to get used to the different dynamic, which again affects the gait and foot strike. This is why we prefer to analyse your gait on a hard surface.



We offer an online service which involves our trained customer service staff reviewing a video of you running either filmed from behind in the street or on a treadmill to help with the choice of shoes we have on online.

From your video we will be able to assess whether your gait exhibits supination, neutral pronation, moderate overpronation, or severe overpronation.

Based on your gait, we can recommend shoes that could be best suited for you.

After you submit your video, we will reply with a personalized assessment and product suggestions.

Submitting Your Video

To submit your video for online gait analysis:

Place a camera focused on your legs and feet behind your treadmill in your home or gym, or get someone to crouch down and film you running in the street on a hard surface such as the street.

Capture a 15-20 second video and save the video in one of the following formats: .mov, .wmv, .avi.

Rename your video file to include your first and last name.

You may use the form below to upload your video to us.

Alternatively, you may send the video to [email protected]

*This is a service for our customers looking for running shoes from us. We are in Geneva and Yvorne in Switzerland.