For all binding mounting, servicing and repairs you must agree to our liability waiver and terms and conditions.

Price of ski binding mounting

  • If you buy a ski with ski bindings, we may, at our discretion, offer you mounting free of charge. This is not an automatic service.
  • We reserve the right to refuse binding mounting to any customer for whatever reason.
  • In order to mount the bindings on the skis, we need your ski boot sole size in millimetres. You man enter your sole length in the comment field above the order form at checkout.
  • If you buy the skis from us but purchase the bindings elsewhere (or vice versa) and you want us to mount the bindings, then you pay 30 CHF. You can make an appointment for this via email or telephone.
  • If you have bought both the skis and bindings somewhere else, but you would like us to mount the bindings then the cost is 50 CHF.

Binding mounting

  1. We normally use the factory-specified mounting point unless otherwise requested in special instructions. The mounting indication is sometimes printed on the top sheet of the ski.
  2. We use the official drilling jigs from the binding manufacturers.
  3. After drilling, we fill the holes with special binding adhesive to ensure that no moisture can get into the core via the boreholes after assembly. This glue also gives the screws a little more hold to stop unwinding with use.
  4. We tighten the bindings and check everything manually.
  5. We do a final inspection to see if everything is in place and working properly. However, because the binding need to be set up for the boot and skiers, weight and ability the ski is not ready to use.

Special instructions
We mount all our skis as standard at the recommended boot center point usually indicated on the ski. If you want different mounting – further forward or back for example, please mention it in the comments field.


If you buy a ski from us and we fit the bindings, it will be mounted on the boot sole length of your boot (we only assemble based on the information you have provided).

However the ski and binding is not adjusted to individual needs and ski boot as we do not have your ski boot to allow final setting up. Visual inspection of the boot is also not possible. This means that the ski is not ready to use.

We recommend you to have the binding adjusted in a local ski shop before you go skiing and have your boots with you.

Of course, you can also do the fine-tuning yourself.

We are not responsible for the correct adjustment of your bindings.

If you need more information, you can always contact us.

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Liability Waiver before ordering mounting.