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    An idea was born…

    July 18, 2001, Ceüse France, a cry resounds in the mountain, an hour later Chris walks through the door. This young American prodigy who has become a legend has just written his biography: his finest “achievement”.

    Formatted by the world of numbers, subject to rules, codes and the expectation of glory, I ask him the killer question… “What’s the Grade?” Chris replies “No Grade” and Nograd was born… The goal is clear, to be the first, to be the only one!

    Fruit of sense and experience,
    with a taste for freedom,
    creativity and verticality,
    Nograd shapes the details that create freedom
    and freedom is not a detail.

    Live the comfort without conformism.

    No rules,

    no codes,

    just principles and values,

    no glory,

    just a feeling…


    ◆ Technical and anti-academic.
    NOGRAD products are STRETCH and their details are “MAGIC”.

    ◆ Your freedom is at the heart of NOGRAD innovations, your movements patronize and trace the lines of NOGRAD models.

    ◆ Nograd mixes materials and details become “magical”.

    ◆ Aware of our footprint, and of the disaster of overproduction, NOGRAD is committed to producing without destroying. At Nograd, each proposal must be a small revolution, the occasion for a new sublimation.

    ◆ Nograd does not control quality but manufactures it, our products are shaped by the mastery of manufacturing solutions, passion remains the matrix of our motivation.

    ◆ Efficient and functional, the style is fresh and colorful, the finish like a new sensation.

    ◆ The NOGRAD scale is human, Nograd is above all a trademark, that of a team of enthusiasts who, every day, create for you products made magical by the details that compose them.