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In 1969, Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy formed Mountain Safety Research as a one-man crusade dedicated to improving the safety of climbing equipment. The fuel behind Larry's passionate fire was a simple belief that still drives our team today:

The idea that better, safer, more reliable equipment
is the key to unlocking greater adventures.

From that notion evolved a pioneering outdoor company whose innovations have revolutionized the way people experience the outdoors worldwide. Today, MSR is a close-knit team still obsessed with designing the most reliable, high-performance gear possible, using our knowledge of engineering and science to find better solutions to the challenges of the mountains.

MSR are engineers, tinkerers and passionate outdoor users - each with strong perspectives on how a product should work based on their own experiences in the wild places. Collectively, they believe that innovative solutions are bred by challenging convention, and that functionality, simplicity and reliability are the governing elements of enduring design.

Today, many MSR products are still hand-built on manufacturing lines just a floor below where they were thought up.

MSR are still driven to engineer gear for those who believe a trusted companion can be as simple as a 20-year-old stove that burns strong on family backpacking trips, to a water filter that provides the safe hydration needed to fuel the greatest expeditions into the farthest reaches of the globe.

Manufacturing and Social Responsibility

MSR strives to leave an increasingly positive handprint on the world and are committed to minimizing the social and environmental impacts of their products, suppliers and operations through better materials, safer chemicals and smarter packaging.

MSR is a founding member of the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group, a coalition of more than 300 outdoor brands, suppliers and manufacturers dedicated to addressing our most important sustainability challenges. This group launched the Higg Index, the outdoor industry’s first sustainability measurement tool. MSR is one of the first hard-good brands to voluntarily use the Higg Index to examine their practices in material traceability, chemical management, social responsibility and other core competencies.