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Knomo was founded in 2004 in London with a mission to create perfect accessories, beautiful outside and smart inside. To perfectly organise your life ….

The Knomo manifesto is to choose freedom... an average life isn’t for Knomo clients. It is for those of us who work to live the life we’ve always dreamed of. To travel, to see, to appreciate. For those of us who have traded a desk for a life of adventure and the world is our office.

Knomo designs products for life organised to live free!

And this way the name was born: KNOMO means knowledge and mobility…

Knomo designs accessories that keep up with wherever life takes you. Wherever you are right now, this is your office.

From totes to backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags and totes, Knomo creates accessories that work beautifully.

Knomo sources the finest full-grain leathers and durable, premium fabrics, and use strictly custom hardware. The Knomo studio HQ is based in London and is a collaboration of industrial design and fashion design to ensure every product delivers on both style and substance.