How do I wash & care for my down jacket, clothing & equipment?

Washing a down jacket is often a task that people are scared to do in case they completely destroy the jacket. Professionals have actually advised not to wash your down in the past.

Down jackets should NOT require regular laundering. However, after extended periods of use down filled products can become contaminated with a build-up of dirt, grease and body oils. At this stage it is advisable to clean your garment in order to restore the down’s loft and longevity.

Please refer to the sections below for specific down information. If you are unsure which fabric your garment is made from, please either look for the fabric logo on the sleeve or contact us.

Washing my Montane down jacket & other equipment

Montane strongly recommends sending your down sleeping bag to a specialist down cleaning company. We do not recommend attempting to home launder your down sleeping bag.

How do I wash my Montane down Jacket or sleeping bag?

If you choose to launder your down garment at home, machine wash it at 30°C on a gentle cycle with a down specific cleaning agent. Ensure all zips and hook & loop sections are fastened, then place your garment on an additional rinse cycle.

How do I rejuvenate the down in my down jacket or sleeping bag?

To rejuvenate the loft of your down garment it is essential that it is tumble dried. Place on a low heat setting, with 2 drier balls or clean tennis balls inside the drum, removing the garment every 15 minutes to check it.

Once the down begins to dry it will start to loft again, at which stage the garment can be very gently shaken to agitate and redistribute the down. Continue to tumble dry at 15 minute intervals until the down is dry.

Where should I store my down jacket or sleeping bag?

To maintain the loft and preserve the natural properties of the down, Montane recommends that you store down garments and sleeping bags loose and not stuffed in their drybags.


All our down jackets are extremely packable and can be used for cold mountain activities and expeditions where weight, weather resistance and exceptional warmth are required.