Now available in Switzerland from Fast and Light, the XTRM is the shoe for trail,  mountain running, sky running, and especially longer, challenging trails. More sizes coming – on backorder (contact us).

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Need more convincing about this shoe…? Read Jonathon Albon’s, the undefeated World OCR Champion, opinion of them on his blog.


The best companion I have had since I started running full time has been the VJ Sport IROCK. As shoes go, this one is near on perfect for mountain running – especially in the wet, which is where having a good shoe makes all the difference.

The VJ XTRM is made for rocky and technical trails where grip, stability, and durability are mandatory.  

The aggressive lugs grip dirt, mud, rocks and anything you run on. The super tough upper is a custom kevlar and polyester weave which provides extraordinary protection and durability.  The sole has cushioning units in the front and heel for comfort and a full length rock plate to protect you on tough terrain.

The XTRM was built for obstacle course racing, trail and sky running.  Use it for tough, demanding terrain in all conditions.  This shoe wants to get dirty.


When talking about orienteering shoe, it is important the shoe feels snug and fits your foot so that you can safely move and turn where ever and whenever you want with a stabile feeling. FITLOCK supports the arch steadily. The rubber material of FITLOCK protects the inside of your foot against punches from beneath.

Superior Contact
Superior Contact -outsole guarantees you the best grip to be imagined. The lugs on the outsole are placed classically to provide good grip but are spread far enough apart to easily shed mud, clay, snow and rocks. In the middle of the outsole there is a special track from toes to heel providing better grip on wet terrain than sleek outsole. Starstuds made from hard metal finish the outsole.

Inflexible upper
When running off road, the circumstances are often extreme. Your foot should stay still in your shoe. Even though the terrain is wet our inflexible upper material provides a snug and comfortable fit for your feet.

Revolutionary grip without studs! In VJ’s studless shoe, Irock, the outsole material is made of butyl rubber. According tests made by VJ’s test runners, the grip is the best you can have without metal studs.

  • Superlight @ 250g
  • Built on a medium last
  • 48% Kevlar and polyester blend upper
  • FitLock for mid sole stability
  • Cushioning units in front and heel
  • Fiberglass stability control
  • Full length rock plate in midsole
  • Outsole is 100% Butyl-rubber
  • Aggressive 6 mm cleats in outsole
  • Strengthened rubber toe-cap
  • 12mm/8mm stack height
  • 4 mm drop
  • Weight (US 8.5): 8.8 oz (250 g)

Look after your VJ’s

Always wash your shoes after use, especially when they are muddy. They’ll serve you longer if you follow these steps:

Open the laces and take insoles out.

Rinse off the dirt by hand.

Hand wash shoes with mild detergent. The water temperature must not exceed 30°C. Don’t wash shoes in washing machine.

Let shoes dry up in normal room temperature. Avoid direct sunshine.

Don’t store them in a plastic bag.

If your shoes feel too tight it might be because of too warm drying temperature or direct sunshine. In this case wet your shoes before wearing.

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Wir versenden mit der Swiss Post Economy, die normalerweise innerhalb von 2 Werktagen ankommt.

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