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It was one of these white morning after fresh snow felt down during the night of early winter, covering gray scenery and turning it into the pretty Fairy Tale land. I decided that was a perfect condition to test our Tempesta designed by la Sportiva in the Italian Dolomite. Running in la Tempesta what a enjoyable winter running shoe!!! As its seamless construction and the super flex membrane in waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex, make this shoe very agile and responsive.

La Tempesta by la Sportiva offers you warm, comfort, stability and agility in the same time. And the deep studs designed by la Sportiva sole offers excellent grip either on snow or icy surface. Above the deep studs la Tempesta comes like every other shoe designed by la Sportiva with their own sole patent called the Frixion Sole System. The Reaserch and Development department of la Sportiva invented Frixion Sole System as the solution of making superior sticky rubber adapted to different mountain sports. Which aims to improve your performance. The one used in la Tempesta is soft and in the same time resilient of the light weight, both for trail as the road running.

Another patent belonging to la Sportiva is its Impact Break System. Thanks to which the sole developed by this New technology reducing by 20% the impact forces on the body, and in the same time increasing by 20% as well the traction of the sole. While your feet remaining dry thanks to Gore-Tex membrane.

The shoe is a bit higher thanks to its Sock-Shield construction, easy to pull on and extremely light as it is seamless.

I love the goblin look of this Sock-Shield construction a bit Nordic. I’m in love in this shoe as we can go fast, in spite of snow. One of the best reply to the winter running condition. Its lightness makes each of our movement simple piece of cake.

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timAdmin on 26.12.2017 - 12:01

Just ran in this shoe on a frozen and icy road and was amazed how grippy the shoe was on the ice and hard snow. Really did give a lot of confidence to train hard even with difficult under foot conditions. Feet stayed dry and warm and the bootee fit felt snug and stable.

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